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What We Do

At McLean Care®, we like to think that we do everything - everything that you want and need us to do, because our focus is you.

Our activities and programs are planned around what gives you greatest joy and fulfilment, what enhances your connection with your community, and what you feel will create the greatest value in the quality of your life.

We value your input into your care and needs above everything, and will create unique services and opportunities for you, based on your gifts, interests, goals and aspirations. Your family and friends are also invited and encouraged to participate as much as possible, so that we can all work together to make your life the best it can be, filled with a sense of purpose and joy.

We proudly boast the largest, best educated, and most experienced staff and volunteer pool in the North-West NSW region. Our team of expert clinicians and creative co-ordinators is passionate, nurturing and supportive; this is not a job for them, it is a vocation. They go above and beyond to ensure that you will have the quality and value of life that you wish for and deserve.

At McLean Care™, we also engage with people across different organisations, and deliver a diverse and comprehensive suite of programs, not only to our own residents and clients, but to others in our community who also want support, linking them with our wellness programs, irrespective of where they live, who they have chosen to provide their day-to-day care and support – all are welcome at McLean Care… enriching experiences beyond boundaries.

Our People - Dedicated Care

McLean Care® goes to great lengths to attract nursing staff and care workers of strong character, who are compassionate, caring and supportive, and who have a collection of diverse skills and experience, able to deliver care and support with passion, commitment, and a ‘can do’ attitude.

Our facilities have a very high ratio of Nurses to Residents, and our Nurses are there for you 24 hours a day, every day. Our Care Workers have been chosen for being individuals who are dedicated and supportive, and who have chosen your care as their vocation.

Leisure & Lifestyle Programs

The McLean Care® Leisure & Lifestyle programs are delivered 7 days a week, by our team of highly skilled, dedicated and enthusiastic Residential Carers. These highly qualified creative thinkers are here to provide the very best programs to support you in creating a life of your choosing.

Our focus is you, and we would like to get to know you, your history, beliefs, passions, skills and abilities, and work closely with you to create health, wellness and social opportunities that are tailored to your unique gifts, interests, culture, and healthy living goals.

We are committed to delivering activities that are meaningful, entertaining, inspiring and purposeful, and add value to your life. Our caring and supportive team is inspired by you to deliver a diverse range of programs, including physical exercise, sensory experiences, and emotional and spiritual outlets, both individual and in group settings.

The types of activities that we can offer you is almost unlimited, and we will do everything that we can to provide activities that you want and enjoy. Just some of the activities that you might like could include:


• Cooking
• Arts and crafts
• Table and floor games
• Quizzes and trivia
• Chair and other exercises
• Bus trips and outings
• Happy hour, sing-alongs and jokes
• Skittles and carpet bowls
• Concerts
• Barbeques
• Videos
• Visits from children
• Gardening
• Church services
• Community events and celebrations


• Walking
• Chatting
• Special attention
• Puzzles and reading
• Beauty therapy and grooming
• Massage
• Household chores
• Assistance with meals
• Letter-writing
• Listening to music
• Computer time
• Visits

At McLean Care®, we will only be limited by YOUR imagination.

Palliative Care

Let’s face it, nobody likes to think or talk about it, but aged care homes are often places where people choose to spend the final chapter of their life.

It is an honour and a privilege to be chosen to care for someone who has a life-limiting illness, and be able to provide support for their family and carers during that time, and in their own bereavement.
Palliative Care is multidisciplinary team care, and Mclean Care’s highly skilled, dedicated and compassionate Palliative Care Team is the best in the region, and is comprised of individuals who possess that special ‘something’ that makes them perfect for their role, and they are highly trained and equipped.

Our aim in Palliative Care is to provide support that enables people to live as actively and as comfortably as possible, while we support their individual psychological, social, emotional and spiritual needs.

Residential Palliative Care

McLean Care® offers specialised facilities, including private rooms and private courtyards, and state-of-the-art equipment including comfort devices and beds.

For family members who would like to remain close to their loved ones, we offer a Next of Kin Unit, or we can set up a bed in the room with their loved one.

The best person to decide what care is needed is the person who needing that care.
We are committed to fulfilling your wishes, and creating a loving, supportive and compassionate place, where you feel comfort and peace.

Home Palliative Care

Most people with a terminal condition prefer to receive care at home, but this will depend on many factors, including:
• the nature of your illness
• how much support is available from your family and community
• whether you have someone who can care for you

McLean Care® Community Care offers Palliative Care in your own home.

There is no better feeling in the world than being surrounded by your own treasured things, cherished memories, loving friends and family, or beloved pets – being where you want to be, in the place where you feel most relaxed, and doing the things that give you the greatest joy.

McLean’s Inverell and Tamworth Community Care families play a vital role in the lives of people who have chosen to stay at home.

When can services be provided

Quality care at the end of life is specialised care and support that recognises the unique needs of a person who has a terminal condition, and their family and carers.
Palliative Care will help you manage your illness, particularly pain and symptoms so you can continue to live life as well as you can while dealing with your illness. You may need it or want to have care:
• from diagnosis
• once your illness progresses to a certain stage
• an on-off rotation through various stages of your illness as you have periods of wellness and illness.

How do I access Palliative Care?

Palliative Care is available to anyone with a life-limiting illness, not just cancer patients. People living with dementia, chronic conditions or degenerative conditions can access Palliative Care.

Palliative Care can be accessed through referral from your General Practitioner, medical specialist or other health provider, and we will work closely with your medical team to ensure that you receive the right care at the right times.

“I write on behalf of my sister, brother and myself to thank you and your wonderful staff for their caring, assistance, and compassion they had shown our mother, Doris (Betty) Ison, prior to her recent passing.

Thank you and best wishes.”

Peter Gill

Tamworth, NSW

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