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The aged care sector has often been slow to adopt new technologies, but McLean Care™ is a well-established and renowned leader in fully embracing technology to facilitate the health and wellbeing of older people in the New England and North West.

Constantly keeping abreast of known and emerging technologies, we actively seek out new, innovative and relevant solutions that will enable us to enhance the care and support that we provide to our clients and residents, many of whom are isolated by location or health and mobility issues.

The Bush Compass®

Destination: Health, Wellbeing and Social Connection

A significant proportion of older people are isolated in small rural communities, and many are suffering from a range of chronic diseases, as well as issues with mobility, strength and functional capacity to undertake basic activities at home.

Armed with these critical concerns, McLean Care™ developed the Bush Compass® a unique, innovative, and award-winning program that actively improves the health and wellbeing of seniors in remote locations. Quality of life incorporates physical, social, emotional and mental health, which are directly linked to healthy active ageing, and this project is about building physical capacity and optimising social opportunities to enable older people.

McLean’s Bush Compass® ensures that despite being geographically isolated, you can have access to physiotherapy, exercise and education to improve your health and wellbeing, as well as supporting you to reconnect with group activities, improving your social outlook, and allowing you to take an active part in your community and to continue to enjoy the life you have built.

Participants in the Bush Compass Program®, who often have difficulty accessing services for a range of health and mobility reasons, come from a 300 km radius from Inverell, and include locations such as Mungindi, Delungra, Glen Innes, Tingha and Bundarra.

The Bush Compass® has allowed us to maximise the support and care we can provide, and is unique, and currently the only program of its kind in the entire New England Region.


Our Physiotherapists regularly contact you through Skype to deliver a range of services including:

• individual physical assessments,
• chronic disease education
• goal setting
• motivation.

Nursing Care

Our Registered Nurses can check in with you for things like:
• ongoing wound care
• make assessments
• call in a Nurse
• send photos to your Doctor
• receive recommendations from your Doctor for your ongoing care.

Group Exercise

Allows you to join in McLean’s well-established group exercise sessions, which are held at McLean Care, watched closely by a Physiotherapist, remaining connected, yet independent, and includes:
• Mobility and stability Group
• Men’s Exercise Group
• Women’s Exercise Group
• Tai Chi Classes
• Gym based exercise classes

Stay Connected

During service time the Apple ipads can also enable you to:
• Shop Online
• Download and listen to your favourite music
• Pay bills online
• Use internet banking
• Download recipes
• Connect with family and friends
• Download specialised APPS for health and vitality

Project Tanami™

(Tanami: from the Aboriginal ‘Bush Apple’)

An evolution and natural progression of The Bush Compass Program®, Project Tanami™ saw the acquisition of Apple iPads (hence the name ‘Tanami’) for the three specific care strategies that focus on wellness and reablement to support our remote Clients.


Project Tanami™ is an extension of the Bush Compass Project®, which specifically aims at providing Programs to Clients in the comfort of their own homes, focusing on reablement, restorative and wellness programs, and the continuance of independence. This includes exercise programs, and delivery of chronic disease education by our passionate and proactive Day Therapy Team.

The iPads will also enable video conferencing for case management between you and your Lifestyle Facilitator, which will mean that you will be able stay connected with us, and engage privately, without the need to travel great distances to see us when the need arises, or having to wait until your next meeting with your Facilitator. We can stay connected more quickly and more often.


Project Tanami™ is also used by our care team during service time to allow clients to shop online, download and listen to their favourite music, pay bills and use online banking, download recipes and connect with friends or family members via Skype or Face Time. It also allows availability to specialised APPS that will assist in keeping your mind and body active and energised.

The iPads have fantastic benefits for our care workers too. They will be able to complete and submit documentation and forms electronically, and be able to view and review your care plans in real time. It will also enable them to video conference directly with the team of Lifestyle Facilitators, access emergency or duress alarms, and have access to all policies and procedures at any time.


Investment by McLean Care™ in the development of this custom-built support planning system allows you and your Lifestyle Facilitator to undertake quality measurement of your goals, achievement and outcomes in real time. This will promote self-determination, your right to choose, and build capability for you to be able to have access to measure your own progress towards your chosen goals, and to change your goals and priorities at any given time.

These three strategies promote healthy and active ageing for people who are disadvantaged by geography and distance, and provide some amazing benefits for the care teams who support them.

Residential & Independent Living - Wifi

McLean Care™ has made a priority of its investment in technology, to bridge the gap between our clients and our team, improve the care and experience of our residents and clients, and support service delivery and safety. Our Inverell facilities boast free WiFi services, which enable our residents and clients to stay connected, and our team to deliver clinical care systems at the bedside in ‘real time’.

McLean Care’s fully integrated WiFi network is used for resident and clinical data, enables our residents and clients to access to the internet, and includes a state-of-the-art WiFi Nurse Call system and integrated telephones, which brings it all together.

Our regional families are quite often remote, and being able to stay connected with their family members via Skype, Face Time and Talk Time, Email and FaceBook, vastly enhances residents’ quality of life, joy and wellness, and opens the doors back up to the outside world for them, either on their own tablet devices or in the McLean Care™ Computer Kiosk.

A new chapter with Tunstall

McLean Care™ has partnered with Tunstall Healthcare to offer a personal medical alarm solution, including a range of assistive technology care and activity sensors to support the independent lifestyles of our residents.

Our mission statement is ‘Enriching experiences beyond all boundaries’, and for us that means we’ll go above and beyond to individualise services and care for each client and resident, regardless of their own personal boundaries; whatever it takes to ensure that our clients are comfortable and maintain their independence either in their own home, in our independent lifestyle village, or in our residential care facilities.

The Tunstall technology solutions are more suited to the modern home, and are utilised to support our clients in keeping as active and independent as possible.

One of the main attractions of employing a Tunstall connected care system is the opportunity to provide clients with medication monitoring and prompting, and our clients and Lifestyle Facilitators are very excited about the addition of telecare sensors.

Keen to implement the full suite of Tunstall products to help our clients remain as independent as possible in their own homes, with solutions to suit individual lifestyles, all of our clients in the 31 Independent Living units in Inverell have successfully transitioned onto the Tunstall system.

The value in independent living is that the client has control over their technology, and is involved in the decision-making process. It’s critical to ensure that they understand how it all works and are also happy and comfortable with it.

With the roll out of additional technologies such as fall detectors and the new generation GPS watch, McLean Care™ is looking forward to benefiting from Tunstall’s range of products - allowing the organisation to continue its mission in supporting the region through quality care.

“A sincere thanks on behalf of those who went with the Wellness Group to the artesian baths at Moree, and how much pleasure the outing afforded us. From the time we were gathering to wait for the buses there was a buzz of excitement and wide smiles on faces. Being able to go to Moree is greatly appreciated, especially by those of our number who have arthritis.”

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