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The Mission

McLean Care® embraces and celebrates the fact that we are all living and loving longer, staying healthier and more involved, and are staunch advocates for your right to the independence that you have earned and cherish.

Owned and inspired by our community to focus on you, McLean Care® has come of age with you. Retirement and ageing can be both exciting and challenging, and we continually seek to create an environment of support and encouragement for you as you write each new chapter of your story.

When looking at these blank pages before you, go courageously in the direction of your dreams, and dare to live the life you’ve imagined, with the confidence that we are right by your side… sharing your hopes, dreams and aspirations, honouring your feelings and individuality, and supporting your journey in any way that you need us.

What are your gifts… your goals… your hopes… your dreams… your fears… how may we help? McLean Care® is here to share your journey - together we will find the way.

The Vision

This ageing journey – we are all doing it, no matter our age.

McLean Care® community shares one simple, unifying mission: to inspire and empower you on your journey to live a life in wellness, fulfilment and joy, by providing care, support and options that enable you to remain part of your community and live a lifestyle of your own choosing.

Both revolutionary and evolutionary, and with your quality of life and wellbeing at the heart of our mission, McLean Care® ceaselessly pursues opportunities that will enhance your life and experiences, and create a sense of contentment and certainty for you, that you will have the quality of life that is important to you.

This is an individual thing, and only you know what it means to you. McLean Care® aspires to understand what quality of life means to you, and make it happen.

…Enriching experiences beyond all boundaries.

The Model

We each have a choice: to fixate on obstacles and problems, only seeing what is wrong in our world, or focus our energy on opportunities and solutions, and cultivate and nurture what is good in our world.

McLean Care® employs a pragmatic strategy to help you approach life with optimism and enthusiasm, empowering you to explore the world with open arms and an eye toward solutions, progress, growth, and enablement, and overcoming obstacles and living life forward with greater joy and purpose.

The McLean Care Sapphire Model of Person Centred Care

At the centre of the McLean Care® model of care is each individual person, and at the core of that model are fundamental approaches that we take to ensure that all of the care we provide is individual, and person-centred. The McLean Care Sapphire Model™ of Person Centred Care was developed to ensure that as a collective, we deliver what we say we will.

Our Resident and Client Service Delivery Model - How we deliver Person Centred Care

• What is your story?
• What makes a good day for you?
• What are your dreams and aspirations?
• What are your nightmares and worries?
• What are your choices?
• What are your gifts?
• What do you want us to help with?
• Let’s plan for your goals, let’s monitor your progress, let’s evaluate and review how you are going, let’s celebrate your achievements and plan again for your new dreams and aspirations.

Our Business Model - How we ensure we have the resources for Person Centred Care

• Operations and operational structures
• Strategic direction
• Structure
• Operational competitive priorities
• Knowledge management

Relations and Communication Model - How we engage our community, residents, clients and carers in Person Centred Care

• Engaging our community
• Communicating at the right time and in the right way, each time all the time.
• Technology management

Leadership, Staffing and Culture Model - How we attract, retain, and engage our staff in embracing Person Centred Care

• Australian Aged Care Leadership Capability Framework
• Shared values
• Agreed acceptable and non-acceptable behaviours
• Culture
• Skills and knowledge

Service Excellence Framework - How we consistently meet and exceed client expectation

• Leadership
• Governance
• Strategy
• Innovation
• Client focus
• Measurement, analysis and knowledge management
• Workforce focus
• Systems and Process management
• Results

“A sincere thanks on behalf of those who went with the Wellness Group to the artesian baths at Moree, and how much pleasure the outing afforded us. From the time we were gathering to wait for the buses there was a buzz of excitement and wide smiles on faces. Being able to go to Moree is greatly appreciated, especially by those of our number who have arthritis.”

Margaret Gregory

Tamworth, NSW

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