Creating beautiful spaces where our residents and people can live, love and laugh

Every moment counts and that's why we do what we do

Every team member has the opportunity to makes a valuable contribution

It takes a whole team of dedicated carers to make a difference in the lives of others

Making a difference in the everyday lives of people who need you

Supporting people to remain active, feel alive and learn and try new things

What a privilege to be allowed to share in the daily lives of these special people

Our Culture

McLean Care™ is an award winning not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to enrich the experiences of people beyond all boundaries.

Owned and inspired by our community, McLean Care™ continually seeks to create an environment of support and encouragement for all of its people - our team members, our residents, our clients, their families and our communities.

We each have a choice: to fixate on obstacles and problems, only seeing what is wrong in our world, or focus our energy on opportunities and solutions, and cultivate and nurture what is good in our world.

McLean Care™ employs a pragmatic strategy to help people approach life with optimism and enthusiasm, empowering them to explore the world with open arms and an eye toward solutions, progress, growth, and enablement, and overcoming obstacles and living life forward with greater joy and purpose.

At the centre of the McLean Care™ model of care is each individual person, and at the core of that model are fundamental approaches that we take to ensure that all of the care we provide is individual, and person-centred.

To achieve this we strive to attract positive, passionate and enthusiastic people who share that common goal - to make a difference in people’s lives. Nurturing and embracing a positive workforce culture is essential to McLean Care™ achieving our mission, and our Board and Management teams are committed to making this happen, to ensure that as a collective, we deliver what we say we will.

McLean Care™... enriching experiences beyond all boundaries

“To all the staff at McLean Care in Tamworth. I would like to thank you most sincerely for the wonderful service you provide. You know how I value “my” carers. They give so much and have made a huge difference in my life, and it has changed Brian’s as well. He has more freedom now than he has had for many years. I now have several new and dear friends in my carers.”

Margaret Hanson

Tamworth, NSW

Awards & Achievements

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