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Health and Wellness

It is your health, wellbeing and happiness that gives us the greatest joy, and our mission is to make a meaningful and profound difference in your life every day, in a way that gives you satisfaction and contentment that you have the quality of life that is important to you.

With McLean Care’s comprehensive range of flexible programs, therapies, services and activities, we will work closely with you to create health, wellness and social opportunities that can be tailored to your unique gifts, interests, and healthy living goals. We want to support you to live every day to the full, maintain your independence, and lead the healthy, active, and socially connected life of your choosing.

Whether here at McLean Care® with the Health and Wellness team, in your home with your community support team, or a ‘virtual’ visit via our Bush Compass® remote support team; however you would like us to support you, know that together we can create a lifestyle and health plan that suits you, and your aspirations.

Our passionate Health and Wellness team will be guided by your unique strengths and skills, your hopes and dreams, and your goals, to create and deliver a plan that is completely unique and individual to you. With such an extensive array of services, longstanding community partnerships and alliances, and state-of-the-art facilities and technologies, we can support you in many ways to achieve that healthy, active lifestyle.

Our completely adaptable, and fully supported and monitored range of rehabilitative, restorative and reengagement lifestyle programs are focused on your reablement and independence, and include:

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McLean’s Physiotherapists play an important role in helping you to stay healthy in the community, by restoring and maintaining optimal function and wellbeing. Specific programs designed by our Physiotherapists can help improve your strength, balance and ability, and support you in the prevention or management of chronic conditions.

Mobility, Stability and Dexterity

By maintaining your mobility, and learning safe and effective stability skills, you can maximise your ability to live independently with confidence and security, and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, with great family and community connections.

Falls and Accident Prevention, and Injury Risk Minimisation

Did you know that the more power you have in your major muscles, the better your balance is, and the steadier you are on your feet means the less likely you are to fall? We will assess what you need to support you to move with greater ease, prescribe an individualised exercise program to strengthen those important muscles, and challenge your balance so that you remain steady and safe on your feet, and remain independent.

Pain Management

Pain is not a normal part of ageing, but the incidence of persistent and chronic pain does increases with age and illness. We will assess and identify your specific pain management needs, using an evidence-based approach, to support your successful long-term pain management.

Incontinence Management and Education

As we grow older, problems with losing control of our bladder, or even our bowel, can increase. Understandably, not many of us want to talk about it, but it is important to remember that you are not alone, and that nearly a quarter of the population are affected by incontinence. Incontinence is often completely curable.

Whether you are living in residential care, an independent living villa, or in your own home, we can advise you about different treatment options, or help you get in touch with a specialist, and support your choices for help.

Individualised and group structured and targeted exercise programs
(including seated-based, frame-based, low impact and energy)

Physical activity is such an important part of the quality of everyone’s life, and for older people, the level of physical activity can be the most important factor determining the level of independence that you can enjoy.

Regular targeted exercise, using the right movements and equipment, at the right times, all under the instruction of a qualified, supportive instructor, will mean that you are able to maintain great physical capacity, mobility and balance, and overall good health and wellbeing.

Why not try a group exercise class; it’s a great way to meet new people, and stay connected.

Aids and Equipment

There are so many options when it comes to aids and equipment that can make your daily life easier, safer, and that support you in your independence; from home modifications, mobility and personal care aids, to safety devices and aids, bedding, seating and communication aids.

Our warm, professional and experienced team can help you to decide what aids and equipment would be best suited to your individual needs, and where and how to find them.

Lifestyle and Wellness Advice

The McLean Care® team is here to support you to maintain a healthy, active, independent life of your choosing. We follow a ‘healthy living’ philosophy which supports your life choices, and we’re here to help you if you experience a significant change in function or health, and provide advice and options to ensure that you maintain a life of wellness and joy.

Social Outings

Where would you like to go today?

How about a bus tour, or should we grab a bite to eat, go bowling, or put a couple of dollars in the Pokies?

What about we go for a drive? Would you like to catch up with your old friends or neighbours, have a look around and see what’s new in town, perhaps do a bit of window shopping?

Tell us what makes you smile, and we’ll take you there.

Allied Health Team

At McLean care®, we have developed partnerships and alliances in our local region that enhance our capability to provide you with the best support and care available, in a way that you want. Some of the caring professionals who assist us include:

- Medical Officers: McLean Care® has built close relationships with the Local Medical Officers and General Practitioners, who regularly visit their patients in our residential and independent living facilities. Most likely your own family Doctor is already one of our friends. They will be here to help us to help you have a beautiful quality of health, wellness and life.

- Podiatrist: McLean’s visiting Podiatrist is here to help you with any concerns you have about your feet, ankles and legs, and help you to rehabilitate after medical or surgical conditions. They can even help you with your arthritis, circulation concerns, and even skins and nail problems. Let’s keep you on your feet.

- Consultant Pharmacist: also visiting us here at McLean Care® is our highly knowledgeable Consultant Pharmacist, here to assist us and you to understand and manage your medications, and ensure that you are getting the best results from your treatment.

- Speech Therapist: our Speech Therapist is here to help you manage all of your communication and swallowing issues, with the right procedures and world’s best practice combined with ongoing care from our experienced and highly skilled team to help you achieve your greatest possible level of independence.

- Dietician: do you have special dietary needs or health issues that can be helped with the right nutrition and advice? Our Dietician is here to work with you in developing the diet that is right for your needs. And is there anything that we can do to satisfy your tastebuds? Just ask us… if it can be done, we’ll find the way.

Regaining and managing your healthy, active lifestyle will have such a profound and positive impact on your whole life; you’ll sleep better, eat better, reclaim your youthful enthusiasm, and the confidence to maintain your independence and fulfilling social connections.

Let’s chat about your goals. After we complete your Comprehensive Assessment, we can create an individualised plan with you, which is right for you, which we will continually monitor and refine together as you change and grow.

At McLean Care®, it’s our philosophy that “if it can be done, we’ll find a way”, and our can-do approach to helping you fulfil your goals is at the centre of everything that we do.

“I write on behalf of my sister, brother and myself to thank you and your wonderful staff for their caring, assistance, and compassion they had shown our mother, Doris (Betty) Ison, prior to her recent passing.

Thank you and best wishes.”

Peter Gill

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