Beautiful gardens, and quiet, peaceful places to relax and share your stories

Beresford Coward Hostel is nestled privately on the McLean Care grounds surrounded by a tranquil bush setting

Goodwood Villas, an exciting independent lifestyle, in a community of like-minded people, who share common interests

Independent Living Villas; designed for the independent, active retiree

Our facilities reflect our commitment to supporting you to have the life of your choosing

Fees and Charges

At McLean Care we are mindful that everyone’s financial circumstances are different. As a result, there are variable prices for entry into the Goodwood Villas or Killean Units to try and meet the needs of our potential new residents. This allows people to decide on what works best for them and their lifestyle.

There are 3 main charges associated with entering the village.
    1. Entry Contribution Fee
    2. Recurrent Service Charge
    3. Departure Fee

Entry Contribution

This is generally the market value of the property and is paid initially upon entry. New residents may choose to take up the 100% or 150% Entry Contribution Fee option depending on their personal circumstances.

Recurrent Service Charge

The day-to-day running expenses are covered by this fortnightly fee.

It includes services such as:
    • Building Insurance
    • Land and water rates
    • Building maintenance and upkeep
    • Lawns and gardens maintenance
    • Security
    • Village Management, including salaries

Departure Fee

The Departure Fee is deducted from your Entry Contribution and is calculated on a daily basis for the first 12 years you reside with us. After that time deductions cease and all remaining funds are returned to you upon departure. This fee is common across the industry and is used primarily to support McLean Care’s initial investment in developing the village.

"Several years ago we decided to sell our farm, retire and move closer to town and family. A long period of looking and evaluation followed. Fortunately a friend recommended the Goodwood Villas in Inverell. We were very impressed for a number of reasons; the quietness, security space and the outlook. The other big advantage is that we did not have to pay stamp duty and if we were unhappy we could move on and not have to pay agents fees to sell. The McLean organisation refunds the purchase price less a small fee. We, from the very first day have been settled here, any care or maintenance problems have always been taken care of by a very obliging staff."

Col and Janet Parker

Inverell, NSW

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