Beautiful gardens, and quiet, peaceful places to relax and share your stories

Beresford Coward Hostel is nestled privately on the McLean Care grounds surrounded by a tranquil bush setting

Goodwood Villas, an exciting independent lifestyle, in a community of like-minded people, who share common interests

Independent Living Villas; designed for the independent, active retiree

Our facilities reflect our commitment to supporting you to have the life of your choosing

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my pet?

An application to management will be considered for small pets such as small dogs, cats and budgies, canaries etc. The final decision to accept or reject an animal will be at the discretion of management taking into account all issues in a fair and objective manner. Pets owners must comply with all council regulations in relation to pet keeping eg: registering ,desexing etc.

Can I have a garden?

Yes, you are welcome to create a garden for your enjoyment around your residence. Residents are also welcome to assist with the maintenance of the gardens of the common areas by weeding or watering. Just let us know if major maintenance needs addressing near your property such as pruning, so we can arrange for that to be undertaken in a safe and secure manner for all.

Can I have visitors?

Yes, visitors are welcome. Visitors are asked to park in the nominated visitors parking should they be unable to park in your own driveway as roads need to be kept clear for emergency access at all times.

Are there scheduled meetings of the residents?

Yes. Meetings are scheduled 3 times per year. It is not compulsory to attend these meetings. The meetings allow residents to learn more about the village and socialise with other residents.

Can I find out about my fees and contributions when I want?

Yes, residents are able to request information about their financial arrangements. A time can be made that is convenient for both resident and management to discuss such matters.

"Several years ago we decided to sell our farm, retire and move closer to town and family. A long period of looking and evaluation followed. Fortunately a friend recommended the Goodwood Villas in Inverell. We were very impressed for a number of reasons; the quietness, security space and the outlook. The other big advantage is that we did not have to pay stamp duty and if we were unhappy we could move on and not have to pay agents fees to sell. The McLean organisation refunds the purchase price less a small fee. We, from the very first day have been settled here, any care or maintenance problems have always been taken care of by a very obliging staff."

Col and Janet Parker

Inverell, NSW

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